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Nothing predestined me in my academic career to become a painter! Being a medical laboratory technician since 1992, I started in 2015 with a simple workshop to introduce abstract painting. Instant revelation for me!! After only a few days, I was equipped to exploit my imagination and my new passion!

After trials, errors and experiments not always harmonious, I continued my learning through research in the library and on YouTube. The logical next step was to dare to share my creations with my friends. Then it was the creation of a Facebook page, an Instagram account and now this site with online shop to share and sell my paintings to lovers of abstract art.

Creating paintings is a way for me to get out of the routine, to escape. Instead, I make brightly coloured pieces, sometimes in relief, which brings depth and movement. Above all, I want to create a visual impact and arouse an emotion at first sight. When I paint, I don't have a specific theme... I go according to the inspiration of the moment.

Sophie Paquette.jpg
Sophie Paquette artiste peintre.JPG
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